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Zyzven Naturals Orange and Sandal Wood For Men

Zyzven Naturals Orange and Sandal Wood For Men

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Orange essential oil has a refreshing and citrusy fragrance. It can help brighten dull skin and nourish dry and irritated skin. Orange essential oil also has anti-aging properties and promotes the production of collagen. With antioxidant benefits, it can help slow the amount of skin damage caused by UV light and pollution.

Organic Sandalwood essential oil is beneficial for sensitive skin as it tones and relieves itching, inflammation, and dehydrated skin. Sandalwood has a calming and harmonizing scent, and assists with issues like eczema, psoriasis, and scar tissue.

This is a rich moisturizing cream, made using 90% COSMOS certified ingredients and organic essential oils. Perfect as day or night cream and especially suited for those with dry, flaky skin.

Made with organic, vegan and natural ingredients, it leaves the skin super hydrated and soft. With an incredible smell combining the warm touches and the sweetness of the orange with the inspiring earthy essence of the sandalwood.

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